BetterBidding Hotel Win Alerts App
for Priceline and Hotwire Hotels
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Is it really FREE... what is the catch?
There is no 'catch'... the app is completely free.
Is this made for phones or tablets?
BOTH, it works on almost any mobile device.
I didn't receive an alert but saw a win reported at
The most common cause of this is that Priceline or Hotwire has changed their zone boundaries. For instance, what was previously 'Downtown' may have been split into 'Downtown East' and 'Downtown West'. Your previous 'Downtown' alert will be placed into one of these new zones, but not both. You should check Priceline and Hotwire often to see if the zone names of the region you're following have changed at all. If so, you can modify your alerts at any time using the MODIFY ALERT icon on the app dashboard.
Do I have to edit my alerts both at and on my mobile device?
No, from the app if you log-in using your BetterBidding account, your alerts will automatically be synced. Any changes on your mobile device will also create a change on your desktop alerts, and any changes made on the desktop will also create a change on your mobile device.

We will add more FAQs as we receive more questions from our users